Diet, Riot, Sweat, Repeat

Dieting to Live or dieting to Shrink

April 11, 2023 Tiphany Kane/ KaSa Media Productions Season 1 Episode 4
Diet, Riot, Sweat, Repeat
Dieting to Live or dieting to Shrink
Diet, Riot, Sweat, Repeat with Tiphany Kane
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Show Notes

Diet-the word can have such a painful connotation. Are you  lowercase "d" dieting to shrink yourself, loose inches, loose weight, and fit into some societal norm. Or are you capitial "D" Dieting to live. That means you look at your Diet as the food you are eating to nourish yourself, fuel your body and feel better.

This episode explores the difference as well as spending money on your body out of shame versus out of love.

In this episode I refer to my nutritionist and holistic health practitioner, Tamara Renee. You can find Tamara Renee here.

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